This is a straight-forward package, with very little functionality due to it having a sole purpose.


&cdn The repository to use: bootstrap, maxcdn, cloudflare, local

&fontAwesomeVersion The version of Font Awesome to use. Defaults to 4.3.0

Example Chunk Calls

[[$FontAwesome4:strip?cdn=`cloudflare`&fontAwesomeVersion=`4.3.0`]] Uses Cloudflare CDN and version 4.30.
[[$FontAwesome4]] Uses the local filesystem and version 4.3.0 while allowing automatic version updates.
[[$FontAwesome4:strip?cdn=`maxcdn`&fontAwesomeVersion=`4.1.0`]] Uses MaxCDN and an older version.
[[$FontAwesome4:strip?cdn=`bootstrap`]] Loads version 4.3.0 from the MaxCDN (default for Bootstrap

Update Collision Disclaimer

The MODX Revolution Font Awesome package will overwrite itself during updates, which is intended. Updates to the vendor's product should transparently pass to the site when updated.

Major product releases will have a corresponding include chunk, which will be automatically upgraded to the latest version. Font Awesome 4.x.x will use the tpl.Fa4.include as the base. Upon release of Font Awesome 5.x.x the package will include a tpl.fA5.include and corresponding chunk to be included in templates.