Outlook Office365 to Windows 10 Mail

Outlook Office365 to Windows 10 Mail

Thunderbird and other email programs should be able to use the same settings. This article demonstrates setting up a Nova Southeastern University e-mail account on a local version of Windows 10 Mail.

Posted on August 19, 2015 at 16:42:00
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Adding a new account

Adding a new Windows 10 email account
The accounts screen of Windows Mail. Note: Image has been modified to reduce space.

If you have a Windows 10 desktop, start the Mail program and add an email account. Fresh installs will start with a wizard to add a new account. Both processes follow similar paths.

The following sequence should have your school email on a local computer in under two minutes, if sufficient bandwidth is available.

Select Exchange, Office365

Select Exchange, Office365

Enter the e-mail address

Enter the email address

Enter the Sharklink password

Enter the password

Sign in

Sign in

Select Advanced

Select Advanced

User name and server

Add your user name and email server

Two changes are needed on this screen:

Change the user name to match the email address.

Change the server to match outlook.office365.com.

Policy Pop-up

Note: I opted to enfore the policies. You should choose the option which best fits your environment.


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