Mozilla Thunderbird Backup

Mozilla Thunderbird Backup

MozBackup is a simple utility for creating backups of Mozilla Thunderbird email accounts, messages, settings providing a simple means to transport the information to another computer.

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Visit the author's site and download the latest version (1.5.1 as of this writing). You can use either version: standalone or the Windows installer version. I would suggest using the installer version which will facilitate frequent backups on the same system.

The standalone version is great for use from a USB stick that can backup the user's information from one computer and import it onto the next.


Backing up Mozilla Thunderbird is straight-forward.Most users will simply keep hitting Next throughout the process.

Select the software you would like to backup, Thunderbird in this case.

The majority of users will have only a single profile, typically named default.

Choose the location for the backup to be saved to. I believe the default location is in the My Documents folder.

The default selections will typically ensure that a restore from the backup will function identically the same.

The process can take a few seconds or several minutes depending on the amount of information stored on the system. Individuals who never empty the trash, clear the junk folder, and try to keep every email sent can expect the process may take awhile.

Once the backup completes, a summary report will indicate what was backed up.



To use the backup file created with Mozbackup Thunderbird must already be installed on the "target" machine which is to be used and a default profile must have been created. The following steps will help get Thunderbird ready for the restoration process.

If necessary,and the computer is running a version of Microsoft Windows, download Thunderbird directly from Mozilla.

The next step may seem a bit odd, but it is required. Install Thunderbird, if it isn't already. One the process is complete, a default profile must be created for Mozbackup to restore into. Run Thunderbird by clicking on the Desktop Icon, Start Menu link, or as a result of choosing to run the software at the end of the installation.

Once Thunderbird gets to the point where it is asking for an account simply click cancel and exit the program. The default profile should have been created for you during the initial launch.



Start Mozbackup.

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