Batch Download All Personal Original Images From Flickr

Batch Download All Personal Original Images From Flickr

An operating system agnostic method to retrieve all of the original images from your personal Flickr account even though the company makes it so hard.

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 13:48:00
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Dependencies: Flickr account credentials

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For whatever reason Flickr seems to have an aversion to owners being able to download their own pictures in bulk. For some of us with a number of pictures over ten thousand it can be quite painful.

While I performed the following steps using Centos 7, any operating system configured to run python scripts can do this.


The following are needed to perform the retrieval:


Under Linux and other Unix derivatives the following can be entered into a terminal to retrieve the code


The alternative is to visit my Github Fork.


For those using a graphical user interface (GUI), open a file explorer and create a directory using the method applicable to your operating system.

Those using the Command Line Interface (CLI), create a directory for the images to be downloaded to:

mkdir FlickrBackupFolder

Now call the script with the directory name as the parameter.

python FlickrBackupFolder

The script will need authorization to access the user's images. Typically, a browser will start and direct the user to Flickr where they can log into their account and authorize to have access.

Once access is authorized the process will begin/


This process takes quite a long time. A very long time. For thirteen thousand images it took almost twenty hours to download 26 gigs.

Make sure the system does not go to sleep.


Dan Benjamin who modifed the original script to retrieve Flickr originals.
Colm MacCárthaigh the author of the original script.
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