Military: a gradual progression

Typically, new recruits are given very little freedom to experiment or to deviate from the strict expectations of the instructors. They are being taught their environment, conditions, expectations, and the necessary skills to succeed. For many of the recruits they have entered a completely new world and everything has to be spoon fed.

Eventually, the instructors typically begin to slowly hand over an increasing amount of control to the student, who then make decisions and are rated a "pass or fail" on each mission point. This cycle is repeated as necessary until it is no longer pragmatic to do so. The students either successfully pass, are sent back to their home units, or recycled into the next class - where they start the training over.

This progressive hand off is the optimal means of working in technological fields. For some of my clients, this eventually enables them to entirely take over their projects. While others, may very well reach a point where they are comfortable and are willing to allow others to handle the rest of the task.

This gradual hand off servers the needs of the project, the client, and my company.


This requires a much more passive and observatory role, with very little interaction with team members, but quite a bit more time with designated leaders, especially where role ambiguity is a major concern. In these situations it can prove very beneficial for an "outsider" or third-party to assist with clarity and definition.

For many people, initially experiencing internet technologies can be a daunting task. Far too often a single individual is tasked with the entire operation. As it may be surmised, more often than not, these individuals are not equipped for the task set before them.

I can help bring definition and a basic structure to the situation.

Hence the name of my company: Sanity.