Sample Class for use with xPDO

This class is a foundational class which can be used to create any number of MODX Revolution applications based on xPDO.

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xPDO quick displays of table datum

Class functions which directly access xPDO's class definition to create table headers and values for table datum.

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Working with PHP's DateTime for Periods of Time

Building a tool-set to tackle the DateTime conundrum of retrieving all the transactions which occur during a specified time period.

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This is a quick function which returns a key=>value array of designated object fields while removing those to be kept from the presentation.

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xPDO Class Dump

Provides a straightforward presentation of an xPDO derived class and its relationships.

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Simple function to convert an xPDO collection to JSON arrays

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Simple reusable function to convert a collection into arrays

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Establishing database connections via xPDO

Database connections via xPDO are as simple as using mysqli, mysql_connect or other traditional methods: with less code, built in try - catch handling, increased functionality, type casting, and injection protection.

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