Bootstrap for MODX

Rapid deployment of web sites using Wayfinder and Quickcrumbs or pdoCrumbs, pdoResources, and pdoMenu.

FontAwesome for MODX

Load Font Awesome from MaxCDN (Bootstrap), CloudFlare, or local storage for use with HTML5 sites.


A plugin for MODX which automatically searches for all email addresses and mailto: strings in the page content! both inside and outside href attributes, and encodes the text to thwart spammers and their spiders -- randomly changing on every page load.

Random Chunks

A MODX Revolution Snippet demonstrating a very simple and effect way to randomize the insertion of a Chunk utilizing a prefix and number scheme: random1, banner23, header17.

Random Images

MODX Revolution Package providing randomization in the following ways: image selection for display and position of image - thereby reducing bandwidth.


This MODX Plugin allows site administrators the ability to transparently monitor user account activities.